Service Pricing


Love your bike

Cyclefix has been one of Dorset’s most trusted bicycle repairers for many years. We offer a comprehensive bicycle repair service.

We are happy to complete a 5 Star Service or simply a puncture and will treat your bike as if it’s ours. We carry a comprehensive range of replacement parts and a small range of accessories.

We are open 6 days a week.


Safety Check and Tune Up

  • frame and forks wiped down and checked for damage
  • wheels and tyres inspected for wear
  • tyres inflated to correct pressure
  • brakes reset and adjusted
  • gears reset and indexing adjusted
  • chain checked for wear and lubricated
  • check all bolts and fixings


Three Star Service

Includes Safety Check (£30) plus:

  • remove pedals and grease
  • remove seat post and grease/lubricate
  • wheel hub bearings checked for free movement and adjusted if necessary
  • bottom bracket checked for free movement and adjusted if necessary
  • headset checked for free movement and adjusted if necessary
  • rear derailleur alignment checked and adjusted if necessary
  • inspect gear and brake cables – renew if necessary
  • inspect brake pads – renew if necessary
  • check wheels are true – £11.25 per wheel extra if not (normally £15)
  • check spoken tension in both wheels
  • purge grease into hubs – £7.50 each (normally £10)
  • wipe down both wheels
  • any extras or part fitted labour charged at 25% off standard rate


Four Star Service

Includes Three Star Service (£45) plus:

  • check wheels are true and adjust if necessary
  • thoroughly wash and clean bike with Duck Smart products (normally £20)
  • drive train (front and rear derailleur, jockey wheels, chainset, chain and cassette) removed and thoroughly cleaned with our heated Rozone Smartwasher (normally £30)
  • relubricate removed parts
  • purge grease into both hubs (normally £20)
  • finally – use T Cut paint restorer (if necessary) and then polish frame and forks with carnauba wax (normally £20)
  • any extras or part fitted labour charged at 25% off standard rate


Five Star Service

Includes Four Star Service (£80) plus:

  • hubs – strip and regrease (normally £35 or £40)
  • bottom bracket – strip and regrease (normally £15)
  • headset – strip and regrease (normally £15)
  • bearings – replace as necessary
  • any extras or part fitted labour charged at 25% off standard rate


Note: Once we inform you your bike is ready please collect within 7 days. After this time we reserve the right to charge £5 per day storage and after 3 months to sell the bike.


Safety & Security

Ride smart, stay safe and be seen

Two things that matter most for cyclists: don’t get your bike stolen and do everything you can to be seen by other road users when you ride. At CYCLEFIX we sell great locks and great lights at great prices and we advise all of our customers to ride with lights on at all times just like motorcycles – we also recommend side on visibility & BE SEEN BE SAFE riding techniques.

Nutrition & Hydration

Love your body

We have fantastic knowledge of what products work best for all riding challenges and also provide great tips for all of our customers whether commuting, doing a stage of Le Tour, or just pleasure riding at the weekends. Keeping hydrated and looking after your energy levels  makes all riding more enjoyable.