Repair Pricing


Love your bike

Cyclefix has been one of Dorset’s most trusted bicycle repairers for many years. We offer a comprehensive bicycle repair service.

We will treat your bike as if it was our own, no matter what job needs doing. We carry a full range of replacement parts and accessories.

We are happy to fix any type of bike/e-bike from road to mountain, traditional to childrens.


Fit Tube or Tube/Tyre

£6 Loose

£8 In Frame

True Wheel/Fit Spoke


Wheel Build, True & Dish


Brake Tune – Front & Rear

Adjust and tune. No parts replaced


Gear Tune – Front & Rear

Adjust and tune. No parts replaced

£12 Level 1

£17 Level 2

Fit Brake Cable – Front or Rear

Fit new cable and adjust brake


Fit Gear Cable – Front or Rear

Fit new externally routed cable and adjust derailleur


Replace Chainset

Remove old chainset and fit new one. Adjust bolts and set to correct Torque settings. Gears checked and adjusted as necessary


Replace Drivetrain

Remove and replace chainset, cassette and chain. Adjust gears and derailleurs


Hub Service

Strip hub, degrease and rebuild with new bearings. Regrease and retension bearings

All Hubs Less £10 If No New Bearings

£15  Front

£20 Rear

£25 Freehub

Replace Bottom Bracket

£15  Level 1

£20 Level 2

Disc Pad Replacement & Clean Front or Rear

Fit new pads. Calliper and rotor thoroughly degreased


Disc Brake Bleed

(Recommended every 18 months and more often for regular users) System flushed and bled through with new fluid

£15  Level 1

£20 Level 2

£25 Level 3

£30 Level 4

Fit Chain


£17 W/Guard

Fit New Headset (Bare Frame)

Press in new headset bearings or cups and assemble


Fit New Headset (w/Forks attached)

Dismantle forks etc, remove old headset and press in new headset cups. Re-assemble forks and tension headset


Tyre Sealant Replacement

Remove debris ‘monsters’ and replace with Orange Seal

£17 Per Wheel

Tyre Sealant Top Up (Orange Seal)

£5 Per Wheel

Hydraulic Brake Service

Full hydraulic disc service including replacement of service parts such as seals or pads. Complete rotor and calliper de-grease. System bled through with new fluid. Callipers centred and set up


Per Calliper

Front or Rear Shock

Please Ask

Multi Bearing Fit

Please Ask

Clean Bike & Polish

Duck Smart products applied and bike thoroughly cleaned. Finally use T Cut paint restorer (if necessary) and then polish frame and forks with carnauba wax 

£20 Level 1

£25 Level 2

£30 Level 3

Fit Accessories

(Free if supplied by cyclefix, value over £40)

£7 From

Computer Fit & Set

£17 From

Fit New Forks

Remove old forks, swap headset lower bearing race, measure and cut new steerer tube to desired length. Finally re-assemble, replace brakes and other parts


Face Bottom Bracket (Bare Shell)

With the various designs of bottom brackets facing (squaring both sides of shell) is essential for long bearing life. If not faced bearing life will be dramatically reduced

£17  Level 1

£22 Level 2

£27 Level 3

Face Bottom Bracket (BB Fitted)

Remove Bottom Bracket, face and replace

£32 Level 1

£37 Level 2

£42 Level 3

Disc Brake Face

Faced using a specialist facing tool ensuring the calliper is absolutely square to the rotor. (You will be surprised how far out some disc mounts are!)

£17  Level 1

£22 Level 2

Fit Brake Blocks


Replace Shifters

Replace shifters, fit new cables if required and set up gears

£22 Level 1

£27 Level 2

Fit Front or Rear Spindle

Strip hub and rebuild with new spindle, bearings & grease


Replace Freehub

Strip hub and rebuild with new freehub


Fit Front or Rear Derailleur


Dropout Alignment

Align rear dropout so rear derailleur functions correctly with chain and cassette – essential for smooth gear operation


Replace Stem / Bar

£17  Level 1

£22 Level 2

Retape Bar


Replace Grips


Fit Pedals


New Frame Transplant/Bike Build

£70 Level 1

£80 Level 2

£90 Level 3

Build Bike ‘From Box’

£45 Level 1

£55 Level 2

£65 Level 3

Fit Mudguard (Fixed Pair)

£15  Level 1

£20 Level 2

Fit Carrier

£12 Level 1

£17 Level 2

Fit Stabilisers


Seat Post Unseizing

£17  Level 1

£22 Level 2

£27 Level 3

Note: Once we inform you your bike is ready please collect within 7 days. After this time we reserve the right to charge £5 per day storage and after 3 months to sell the bike.