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Cyclefix has been one of Dorset’s most trusted bicycle repairers for many years. We offer a comprehensive bicycle repair service.

We are happy to complete full services or an internal hub service, or only a puncture repair. We will treat your bike as if it was our own, no matter what job needs doing. We carry a full range of replacement parts and accessories.

We are happy to service or fix any type of bike from road to mountain, traditional to childrens.

We are open 5 days a week. You can either book your bike in with us or bring it in the morning and we’ll give it back to you in the evening. That’s a fast turn-a-round with no extra charge.



Three Star TLC Service

Gets you everything you need for your annual bike service:

  • Adjust Gears, Brakes, Headset, Bottom Bracket and Wheel Bearings
  • True Wheels
  • Check Tyre Pressures
  • Carry Out General Lube & Safety Check.


Four Star TLC Service
Adds a full de-grease and lube to the annual service – perfect for all weather cyclists:

  • Three Star TLC Service
  • Thoroughly Wash & Clean
  • De-grease Components & Lube.


Five Star TLC Service
Adds a full strip & re-grease to all essential parts – for that ‘good as new’ feel:

  • Four Star TLC Service
  • Strip & Re-grease Hubs
  • Strip & Re-grease Bottom Bracket
  • Strip & Re-grease Pivots
  • Strip & Re-grease Cables
  • Strip & Re-grease Headset
  • Replace all bearings and cables as necessary.